Canada’s Danu5ik (pronounced Danusik) has just debuted his full-length Synthonization album.

The multitalented artist is quickly becoming recognized for his versatility in production, DJing and performing. His dynamic beats and hypnotic vocals shine through on the powerful new release.

Out now, the 10-track album starts on a high note with the energetic “I Can Take You.” Nostalgic big room synths pave the way for a main stage-ready drop. His remix of “Morning Light” moves into house territory, with a grooving bassline and compelling vocals. Continuing to prove his wide range of abilities, “Quiero Amarte” is a Spanish scorcher with sensual vocals and a radio-worthy beat. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Danu5ik moves back into festival-inspired territory with “New Day,” which combines his pop and house influences for a truly inspiring result. Other standout tracks include the catchy “Stay,” Melbourne bounce tune “Synthonization Reloaded” and finally, his ‘No Sleep’ remix of “Run Away,” which showcases some of of the best vocals on the entire album.

The international DJ/producer is quickly gaining recognition due to his commitment to his craft and his intoxicating performances. Danu5ik has performed at various locations across the globe, and has dreams of performing for packed houses in New York, Los Angeles, London’s O2, Edmonton’s Shaw Conference Centre and more.

“There is no greater form of magic than music that cleans your soul.”  – Danu5ik

Listen to Danu5ik’s brand new album, Synthonization, below.

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