As humankind continues its studies to become an interplanetary species on planet Mars, bass music continues to do the same. Technological leaders like Elon Musk are pushing for a human revolution in getting our species to Mars, but it seems as though Space Jesus and Digital Ethos are already there. Their futuristic, 2-track Mars EP shows listeners what they’ve been up to on the red planet.

Out now on Wakaan, Space Jesus and Digital Ethos’ Mars EP starts with “This Is a Signal.” It’s filled with atmospheric sounds, textures and synths. The percussion in the piece doesn’t seem to conform to a certain groove. The second track on the EP, “Gang Fire,” is equally as weird and otherworldly. The drop is much more dubstep-focused and hones in on metallic sounds.

If you’re prepared, buckle up and get ready to launch to Mars to see what Space Jesus and Digital Ethos are up to.

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