A brand new venue in New York City is taking hold. Coming in early 2019 to Long Island City, just a few minutes by subway or car from Manhattan, The Arc has just introduced former Webster Hall EVP/COO Rich Pawelczyk to its team.

The Arc hopes to fill a void left behind by the late Webster Hall and create a brand new arena for the New York City music scene to thrive. The venue is a 20,000 square-foot, custom-built facility in a 1931 vintage building located in the Kaufman Arts District, and will feature an arched, antique wooden ceiling for unparalleled acoustics, two performance spaces, a recording studio/soundstage and a 24-hour cafe featuring the cuisine of 600+ local food vendors. Corporate branding partnerships are in development as well.

Grammy award-winning producer/engineer Adam Abeshouse will help oversee the acoustics of the venue, which will be built from the ground up to accommodate all music genres.


Webster Hall’s Rich Pawelczyk, who has joined the company as COO, will oversee concert promotions, strategic brand partnerships, business affairs and business development, working to bring top talent and emerging artists to The Arc.  

“We’re already seeing a flood of initial interest among artists and sponsors because, with incredible design, location, and technology,” said Pawelczyk. “The Arc is poised to fill a void in both the New York music scene and in the industry as a whole.”

The Arc is preparing for its Grand Opening in early 2019 and major performances and events thereafter.