Chicago producer KTRL and Halifax habitants Cloverdale revealed their dark house record “Sphere.” This spicy track’s warm breath hums its crushing bassline, emitting shivers down audiophiles’ spines.

Circus Records alumni Adam Kishanov, aka KTRL, previously partnered with fresh-faced talent YOOKiE, WHIPPED CREAM and Birthdayy Partyy. KTRL’s four-single, debut extended play, Twisted, has racked up over 77,000 collective SoundCloud plays since April 27.

Alex Walsh, aka AWAL, and Jarett MacNeil formed Cloverdale in February 2018.  They’ve already penetrated the Canadian festival circuit, appearing on the official 2018 lineups for Future Forest and Evolve.

“We’re all living in this world, and most of us don’t know what to do,” said Kishanov. “I just want to have an outlet for people.”

Download KTRL & Cloverdale’s song “Sphere” for free here.

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