Mat Zo and his new EP, This Is a Mad Zoo House, push the bounds of house music and take it back to the old school with some fine sampling by the seasoned veteran.

Coming off a few tour dates in support of the EP, Zo made it a point to go to an organic method of obtaining his samples for this one, and to much success. The EP spans three tracks that carry the listener on a journey into some good ol’ house music. Funky, fresh and very danceable, the EP fringes on grittiness and what house might sound like in 10 years.

“With this EP I wanted to let go and have fun, not thinking about sample clearances. I found all of these samples and loops the old fashioned way, by going to record stares and crate digging. I didn’t want to sample the same shit over and over, especially in House Music where there’s a kind of sample hall of fame people stick to. I wanted to find obscure samples that I couldn’t find on the internet and try and give them a new breath of life.” – Mat Zo

Listen to This Is A Mad Zoo House below and download for free here.

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