The word “unforgiving” only describes a few things, and Mastadon‘s latest EP, Decimate, on Never Say Die Records‘ Black Label is one of them. Decimate is packed with punch, grungy basses and unfathomable atmospheres throughout the EP’s entirety. If you’re not prepared for this four-track EP, you have been warned. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Mastadon’s relentless sound design that’s plastered throughout dives deep into the bass music realm. The Sydney, Australia native producer fills each track with bottomless basses, wet synths that pulverize every frequency audible to human ears and percussion that hits harder than a punch from Floyd Mayweather. Each and every track throughout Decimate features Mastadon’s signature bass and dubstep sound, making this a prime EP for headbangers alike.

Stream/download Decimate here and check out our favorite tracks in our Dirty Dubstep playlist below.

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