Producer, instrumentalist, vocalist, MC, sound designer, and DJ ill-esha is a multidimensional artist who has crafted a powerful legacy by bridging the gaps between hip-hop, R&B, pop and bass genres.

Recognized for her unique set of talents, the Vancouver-born and Colorado-based artist has stayed true to her authenticity and individuality while steadily progressing in the electronic music scene since her career sparked in the late ’90s. Her sound has made its way onto Phuture Collective, Nest HQ, Swisted Selections, Mixmag, Thump and more. Her ability to navigate through different genres is not something many artists are able to accomplish, and she seemingly does it with ease.

Her Discord server, EDM Production Discord, which allows her to champion and mentor young artists, is one of the largest Discord chat servers for EDM production. Her mission of giving back and building community through music continues to pay off.

The live performer has taken her dynamic sound to the stages of Shambhala, Euphoria, Sonic Bloom, Coachella and more, with Valhalla Sound Circus coming up next. We teamed up with the one-woman powerhouse for an exclusive guest mix featuring heaps of unreleased music and tunes from up-and-comers like Shisto, frost, keylo, Mvx and more. Also spotlighted are artists and releases from Phuture Collective. Find the full mix and tracklist below.


00:00 – ill-esha – Orion (Unreleased)
02:30 – ill-esha x Koyo – Shake That (Unreleased)
04:30 – X&G – Gravity (Shisto remix) (Unreleased)
06:00 – Mayhem x ill-esha – The Day (Unreleased)
07:28 – ill-esha x 90five – Sideways (Unreleased)
10:10 – Tim Schaufert – Haunted (Self release)
11:40 – ill-esha x K.E. On The Track – Stop Playin (Self release)
13:22 – Elex & Swooqy – Rezo (Hybrid Trap)
14:20 – frost ft. Aoyoru – Dead Inside (Forthcoming Phuture Collective)
16:59 – IBI – Call Me Papi (Self release)
18:05 – Lost Boy – Poison (ill-esha remix) (Unreleased)
20:14 – MORE//NIGHT – Bounce to the Ounce (Self release)
21:12 – Sterfry – The Sauce (YUSHUF x Alex Martian remix) (Self release)
22:51 – Mr. Carmack – Death (keylo x Mvx remix) (Self release)
24:45 – Krohna x Skypex – Balance (Lunch Box)
26:19 – ill-esha x frost – The Lead (Unreleased)
29:42 – frost – Offbeat (Unreleased)
30:59 – ill-esha – Clandestina (Forthcoming Phuture Collective)
33:06 – ill-esha x frost ft. IBI – Closing Time (unreleased)
35:40 – ill-esha – Stuck in a Rut (unreleased)
36:30 – IBI – Pathfinder (Self release)
38:07 – ill-esha – Duality (unreleased)
41:29 – frost – No Compromises (Phuture Collective)
42:57 – ill-esha – Dusk Till Dawn (Forthcoming Muti Music)

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