Burgeoning French duo Bellecour are showing their house music colors with their latest EP on Tchami‘s Confession. Dubbed Propellers, Bellecour positioned the EP as one Confession’s grooviest EP releases to date.

Propellers only contains two tracks, but the energy throughout each track is undying. The first track, “Idiots,” takes a much more aggressive approach with deeper basses, heavier percussion, and groovier cymbal rhythms. The second track, “Paulette,” features a much lighter rhythm but equally as infectious and funky. “Paulette” plays with fewer revolving synths and focuses on simplicity.

“Last year we released our first EP with Confession titled Confluence. Our songs on that were really high-energy house tracks with funky beats & cool bass lines. For our Propellers EP, we wanted to combine those things but make them darker and more suspenseful. The long breakdowns bring a lot of energy to the groovy tracks. Propellers represents the Bellecour sound, and we hope everybody loves it.” – Bellecour

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