Zambia-born bloke Laxcity delivered “Changing,” the third single off of his upcoming debut long-playing record. Laxcity’s Joshua Mbewe teamed up with St. Louis songsmith Saturn, under his side hustle Lani Rose. Mbewe made Billboard Dance’s cut for “Ones to Watch: June 2018.” Joshua has managed to snag tastemakers’ attention time and time again: EkaliMajestic Casual, Run The Trap, Magnetic Magazine, Nest HQ, Apple Music and Your EDM, to name a few. This University of Central Lancashire animation student’s downtempo delight adorns Lani Rose’s class-conscious prose.

Laxcity described the sometimes weighty creation process:

“My experience with vocal-led tracks on my LP, so far, have varied depending on each vocalist. My song ‘Catch Me,’ with Sherry W, took half a year. I struggled with the entire composition of the instrumental track. I produced the instrumental track first before sending it to Sherry. Sherry hit every mark with her vocal work before sending it to me. From that moment, it took several months and so many different versions of the song until I reached a point I was happy with. Compared to ‘Changing,’ the same style of workflow was applied. However, once Lani Rose sent me his first rough cut of vocals, ideas came so effortlessly. The track became more fun to create, and it was all finished in literally two days.”

Get your complimentary copy of Laxcity’s “Changing” (feat. Lani Rose) here.

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