Vancouver-based artist Torin fuses an assortment of musical influences for his brand new single “Whitewashed.”

Raised on an eclectic combination of psych rock, R&B, folk, metal and ’70s-era sounds, Torin later discovered the limitlessness of electronic music and incorporated his unique background into his very own project.

Newly released, “Whitewashed” is an ambient-leading tune with a future bass-inspired drop and organic live elements. A low-sitting acapella brings an element of hip-hop into the mix, while a brooding bassline and striking chords bring it all together. From beginning to end, the new single is an enjoyable journey of sound and tells the story of Torin himself.

Torin is also a proud member of Vancouver’s Wildlife Division, a collective of passionate artists who strive to change the electronic landscape with forward-thinking releases and live events.

“For me, it’s all about inspiring the listener to be creative, whether that’s through dance, the creation of music, or another form of expression.” – Torin

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