David Solomon has been selected as the next CEO for Goldman Sachs, after being Chief Operating Officer for many years. In a time where the company most recently reported a 44% increase in profits from their second quarter, the CEO position is an incredible opportunity for Mr. Solomon. But, what’s most unexpected about this banking executive is he also spends much of his time performing and creating music. With both a foot in the EDM and the banking world, each of DJ D-Sol’s careers appear to be taking off.

In his spare time, he is known to enjoy collecting wine and attending parties. Although an avid fan of partying and spending time with others, his real passion lies in DJ-ing. His social media shows him performing at events in the Bahamas, Los Angeles, and even Miami. He has also appeared on Sirius XM for one of his most famous remixes, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Fleetwood Mac. David contributes his success to a balanced life outside of the workplace and expressing himself fully through his many interests.

Keep an eye out for more material from DJ D-Sol on his SoundCloud and follow his journey as he juggles life in the financial sector and life on the stage.