After making waves with its original release in 2017, and first album of remixes only a few weeks ago, Monstercat has released the second collection of remixes of “The Drop” by Gammer. This exciting collection showcases six different revitalizations of the original song. Featuring remixes from Dyro, Darren Styles, Dubloadz, Francis Derelle, Gent & Jawns and JSTJR, “The Drop” allows listeners to experience sound and bass in a brand new light.

Each of these remixes adds an artist’s own electronic and exciting twist to a song that has already accumulated over two million cumulative plays since its release last November. From smooth finishes and riveting bass drops, to silky synths and effervescent sounds, this second collection of remixes is sure to have a new and unique vibe for everyone.

Check out these six newest releases below, and see why these remixes are sure to make waves in the next few weeks.

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