I am Sid‘s Carmine Basilicata and fire performance artist Elevated Emma unveiled visuals for “Sydenham’s Chorea,” a stand-out single on Basilicata’s The Dancing Plague extended-play; DJ Mag Italia premiered this electric four-track record on July 1. Saint Vitus’ Dance or “Sydenham Chorea” is a childhood neurological disorder described by involuntary jerking tics of the hands, face and feet. Elevated Emma personified Basilicata’s vision, mirroring this sickness’ anatomical effect. In a world where REZZ is the new black, Carmine provides an unfiltered alternative.

“Fire dancing for I am Sid’s video was an awesome collaboration between my two loves: fire and dubstep,” stated Elevated Emma. “I was able to embody a different, kind of creepy style that I absolutely loved. Fire in general embodied the sporadic movement that he wanted to go for, and I feel like it fit the message perfectly.”

Download I am Sid’s The Dancing Plague EP here.

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