Pegboard Nerds freed their five-banger record Full Hearts today via Monstercat. Preceding this release, the Norwegian-Danish production pair prepared for a 17-stop, international tour and stole fans’ pixelated hearts by hosting Nerd Week. Also, Pegboard Nerds’ Alexander Odden and Michael Parsbergan dropped an official music video for their much anticipated Knife Party collaboration called “Harpoon.” Forget Nerds by Nature, more like ninja warriors with superpower time management skills.

Why is a close-knit Pegboard Nerds community meaningful?

In general, the fact that people are so concerned with our music, whether their reaction is positive or negative, is a good thing. It means they care about what we do, which is great. Certain tracks will sit well with a certain crowd but not with another, and vice versa.

In terms of Nerds United, as much as we choose to do what we want and make the music we like, we are also dependent on our fans to like and buy our music. When we have devoted, die-hard fans, it’s something we greatly appreciate, and we give them an exclusive sneak peek into new material before it becomes available publicly.

What’s the tale behind Full Hearts?

We’ve been wanting to do another EP for a while and had 10-12 tracks as candidates. As we went through the process of trying to finish each one, what we felt was a strong set of tracks emerged to form the EP. We still like the other tracks that (for various reasons) didn’t “make it” on the EP, and they will probably be part of another EP or released as single tracks.

When we were discussing artwork and themes, we thought some sort of circus/amusement park inspired imagery would be fun. Then, it was just a matter of coming up with attractions/rides based on the titles of the songs and creating the artwork.

When did “Harpoon” switch from thought to track?

“Harpoon” has, in some ways, been in the making since 2014. I made the riff using a Massive-patch I accidentally made during a sound design session but could never figure out what kind of song to make out of it. A couple of years later, unrelated to that riff, we made an intro track to our show at The Gathering in Norway. Then, a few months ago, we decided to couple the “Harpoon” riff with the TG drop, and thus the first version of what would eventually become the final result was made. We sent it to Knife Party, and Rob [Swire] recorded these amazing vocals. Shortly after, we traveled to their London studio and spent three days writing the remaining parts and finishing the song. Actually, most of the time was spent listening to ’90s samples and music, but nevertheless, we managed to finish the song.

What will this tour bring to the table for #NerdNation virgins?

A high-energy set and new tracks (both from the EP and more unreleased stuff). We’re very excited to be back on tour with all this new music and to meet our fans, old and new.

Recount the sights and sounds of Tomorrowland 2018.

Friends. Music. Lazers. People. Colors. Lights. And of course, crowd surfing. On a slightly more serious note: It’s so great to see people from all over the world come together for this, and to see fans from places we don’t get to go that often, or at all.

How has Monstercat and Pegboard Nerds’ bond strengthened over the past six years?

We’ve both learned a lot about each other, and as we all continue to grow and change, it’s an ongoing process. There is a lot of trust involved, and it’s important to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work with that in mind. It’s kind of like a family, there are mostly good times, and sometimes there are things that need to be worked on. We stick together because, in the end, we share a common goal of making and releasing cool music.

When will Monstercat Uncaged: ADE 2018 roster be announced?

That, you will have to ask Monstercat about.

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