Somnium Sound continues to add an edge to music through screeching synths, bottomless basses, and glitched out rhythms. His latest collaboration with DRAKK called “Decimate” showcases the epicness that can be brought in with creativity and minimalism.

Darkness seeps in at the beginning of this track. As it continues to build, light flows in, but it doesn’t last long. The drop is a halftime focused relentless maniacal piece that doesn’t seem to show any sign of letting up. The piece progresses through the darkness, attempting to shed light. That just doesn’t seem to happen, as Somnium Sound and DRAKK won’t allow it. Follow your gut instinct and let the track decimate your speakers and ears.

“DRAKK and I have been meaning to work on a tune for a while now. After being super inspired after watching Porter Robinson’s set at countdown NYE, we wanted to make a heavy 170 halftime track that sounds like the speakers are ripping apart. Decimate is our attempt to sonically illustrate the destruction of a city.” – Somnium Sound

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