Everywhere we look it seems that artists both new and old alike are gracing the electronic world with fresh and exciting variations of their own unique sounds. San Francisco-based artist Swardy is no different. The founding member of iconic electronic duo The M Machine has just released his first solo project, Here On My Own. This exciting collection of five different songs reflects Swardy’s own insight into electronic experimentation.

The EP opens with “Begin at the End,” a short and smooth track with an inspirational vibe that sets the eclectic tone for this entire compilation. Second track “Here On My Own” takes a more electronic approach but continues to follow the album with a similar smooth feel that builds into a much quicker tempo. “I Remember Maine” utilizes strong back-beats and an eclectic flurry of sounds that appear to combine both classical and electronic styles. “Ballyhoo!” adds a dance-centric feel to this EP. Combining colorful buildups and smooth drops, this track adds a fast-paced vibe. Finally, “Ol’ Starpluck” rounds out this album with its slow build and techno pattern which gives a futuristic feel.

Each of these tracks shows a new side of Swardy that all of us here are so excited to see. Check out the EP here and see why we can’t wait to see what Swardy has planned next.

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