Kill Paris is one of the most revered producers in the electronic music scene. His eclectic productions pair up against the elite producers. Furthermore, his diverse sound and luscious synths pair each sonic treat with an emotional tactic. Deepening his sound and audience, Kill Paris makes his debut on the iconic Monstercat label with Tim Moyo on a track called “Two Minds.” Two minds are greater than one, right?

This melodic piece has a pronounced bass and effervescent synths. This unique sound has to do with the inclusion of MIDI Sprout technology. This technology allows a user to basically connect to a plant and have that information and life form interpreted into audio signals. This unheard of technology is new and opens up an entirely new world for producers and musicians like Kill Paris to innovate. Soak in some sun and put your mind together with Kill Paris and Tim Moyo for this epic Monstercat debut on “Two Minds.”

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