THRPY‘s latest “BrainDrops” track takes musical experimentation to an entirely new level. With a stereoscopic water drip in the beginning to pitched snares to aggressive vocals parsed throughout, “BrainDrops” truly makes your brain (and jaw) drop.

The subtlety and aggression during this track are phenomenal. Pulsing waves of sub-bass open the track, but the piece mutates into a relentless trap piece with dubstep elements sprinkled in. Prepare to sit down and enter a THRPY session with drops from your brain oozing out of your ears.

Jerremy Laesser, better known as THRPY, grew up pulling inspiration from a myriad of art forms. His main inspiration derives from life experiences, which is expressed through sound. He’s recently performed at Burning Man Decompression and Super Hero Street Fair.

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