Meatball Mafia leader Spag Heddy never disappoints with his behemoth tracks. Each and every track that he slurps up is bigger, better, and heavier than the last. His latest release on Borgore‘s Buygore Records, dubbed “Bass Claws,” is one of the Meatball Mafia leader’s filthiest tunes to date.

Slithering its way into your speakers with a memorable melody in the beginning, Spag Heddy’s relentlessness quickly finds its way into the track during the drop. Don’t let this cute and bouncy melody fool you, as Spag Heddy always has something more sinister up his bass sleeve. He builds the track back down into the feverish and distorted melody with blissful synths accompanying it in the background, only to build it back into the unforgiving dubstep and drumstep drop we all know and love. Prepare yourself for Heddy’s sharp and large claws of bass. They’ll rip your ears to shreds.

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