Alex Ridha is never one to be pigeonholed to one genre. Whether it be the hollering techno of his Boys Noize alias or the acid of Dog Blood, Ridha has you covered on every base.  

Things took a bit of a groovy turn this time around when Ridha debuted his latest alter ego, ELAX. While the name may be new, his latest track, “Reaktor,” is far from unheard. “Reaktor” is featured on Solomun’s Diynamic label as part of a “Four on the Floor” compilation, a collection of tracks by various artists. If you have been listening to any of Solomun’s sets this summer, it is almost guaranteed you have heard “Reaktor.” He has dropped this track everywhere, from Tommorowland to the Théâtre Antique d’Orange for Cercle to his infamous +1 parties in Ibiza. It remained cryptic for most of the festival season but has fortunately resurfaced. 

A violently striking synth-line encompasses the track while a behemoth=sized clap is entangled. Enticing bongos are echoed in the background along with a pithy bass-line. They are not the stars of the track, but they are deeply appreciated. This is a track that is meant for the festival circuit. It stomps and tackles the audience while being friendly enough to make the crowd dance with aplomb. 

Boys Noize and Solomun may not play nice, but ELAX and Solomun are a match made in heaven. We can only hope ELAX will not go away after this summer. This is just another testimony that the creative genius of Alex Ridha knows no bounds nor will be forgotten. 

You can purchase “Reaktor” here.