Austin alien Bro Safari and Frisco music maker UFO! banded together to create an experimental bass track named “N.U.M.B.,” off their en route extended play entitled Clockwork. They’re playing hard to get; over the next few weeks, Bro Safari’s Nicholas “Knick” Weiller and UFO!’s Edwin Garro will publish Clockwork bit by bit. This fall the boys plan on touring low-key North American nightclubs for a more personal experience. Envision “N.U.M.B” as a humid summer night in bumblefuck nowhere. Crickets chirping accompany extraterrestrials speaking in tongue and nightingales singing.

“Anybody who knows my music knows who UFO! is,” said Weiller. “I’ve written an album with him called Animal. I’ve written an EP with him called Future Primitive. We’ve written countless singles, remixes together. He and I just completely gel when we are working together, and that does not happen with me for many people. We just started trading files back and forth. We started a couple songs that do fit under the Bro Safari and UFO! umbrella, and that’s what we’ve been doing. We decided that we’re going to do another album together, and that’ll be bass music. It’s going to be heady, deep, headphone candy.”

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