Excision has just released his fourth full-length album, Apex, after spending two years in the studio when not on tour or selling out countless shows. The album consists of 14 brand new and expertly crafted tracks that perfectly reflect Excision’s one-of-a-kind style. Excision has been in the bass music game for over a decade, and it is safe to say this fourth album just confirms further the talent that this producer possesses.

The LP features tracks that represent all of Excision’s best niches, with classic headbangers, such as “Tonight” and “Vault,” bass-heavy songs like “Hoods Up” and “Home” and the slower and more heartfelt pieces, “Wake Up” and “Gold,” a collaboration with the ever-talented Illenium.

The big raging bass that encompasses Apex carries a larger message of the ups and downs of Excision’s life and journey in music. The artist claims that “through hard work and positivity we can overcome ‘our own mountains.'” Apex is available everywhere now, check it out here!

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