Certain earthquakes cause minimal damage, and some cause catastrophic damage. They cause so much damage that it can often be millions or billions of dollars to repair. YOOKiE and Jeff Kush‘s cataclysmic “Bassquake” on Kannibalen Records wrecks havoc across the world with an insurmountable amount in damages and repairs.

“Bassquake” introduces trap elements with a snappy snare and deep percussion and a heavy bass line. The mutation of the drop is a heavy rotational piece with a minimalistic structure. With only a long-tail sub on the second beat of every four bars, “Bassquake” rattles the ground with moving synths and aleatoricism in the strings between drops. YOOKiE fill out the emptiness with a strong amount of reverb. It’s a unique blend of the brotherly duo’s nostalgic hip-hop sound and modern bass flare. This track is strictly built and engineered for your subs.

“We were chillin in an Airbnb in Toronto when Jeff Kush sent us this seriously fire verse,” states YOOKiE. “It was a no-brainer. We wanted to make a record with bass that would actually cause an earthquake.”

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