The versatile pair Pigeon Hole are able to utilize their skills to create a myriad of sounds. Most recently, they created a new EP titled Noise Parade, which allows fans to really hear their distinctive ideas come to life with flair and technical fireworks.

We went Behind The Bass with this awesome act to hear more about themselves as artists and their latest project.

To kick things off, can you tell us a little about yourselves? Where are you currently based?

Colin: Yeah, we’re a duo based out of Victoria BC on the West coast of Canada. We make weirdo bass music and both produce, MC and DJ.

How long have you been making music for? 

C: We’ve been making music together since we were kids. We started off making rap music in the basement and things have just kind of kept evolving since back then. I’d say we’ve been in this particular chapter for the last five years, maybe?

What/who/where inspires you the most creatively?

C: I think actually going out and experiencing music in person is the most inspiring thing. Going to a festival and hearing something new for the first time and seeing a new environment always has me coming home charged up and wanting to do better.

Lee: The spirit of competition. Seeing other producers we came up with drop a hot tune, or play a killer set. It fills me with pride to see the people around us grow and get better, and makes me want to head right back into the studio.

What are your favorite parts about being an artist? If you could change one thing about it, what would it be? 

C: I love the whole lifestyle. The rollercoaster of it all. I love living life on my terms essentially and trying to reach goals that we set for ourselves. It’s like a game. I don’t think I would really change a thing.

L: If there’s anything I’d change it’s being able to bring my closest friends and family along with the ride with me. I’d love to have an entourage that gets to go through it all with me.

Your new EP, Noise Parade, has landed on Minnesota’s label Outer Realms. Congratulations! How did you first link up with him?

C: Thanks! I’m pretty sure Stylust must have sent him some of our earlier releases. We were getting tagged in clips of him rinsing out some of our tunes at shows. We’ve been swapping tunes since, and things have just kind of evolved naturally – which is great.

What have you enjoyed about working with a newly established label? 

C: Its been awesome. They’ve really been supportive and allowed us to do exactly what we want to and just believe in it. Couldn’t ask for anything more really. 

L: It feels like we’re all launching something together. There is a real sense of what is good for us, is good for ALL of us.

Sonically, how would you describe the EP? Are there any tracks that you feel particularly stand out?

C: It’s gritty and raw. I mean, it is a noise parade really. We really focused on pushing the textures of everything to the forefront to give it a lot of life and excitement. Our whole aim was to deliver something to push the boundaries and take people to the edge but to never really interrupt the dance floor.

Lee: It is the most hip-hop influenced project we’ve dropped since we were a full-on rap act. Sampling our own vocals gave the EP a clear direction and is part of its vital energy. Check out “Wolves” and “Front Row” for that. 

Which took you the longest to get sounding right?

C: “Symbols.” It took us a while to figure out the evolution of that one. Sometimes songs can be a Rubix cube and that one was definitely a puzzle at times.

L: Yeah, some tracks come together in a day, and some you find yourself on week three working the same part. Sometimes you know you should ditch it, but the need to unlock the potential you see in a song is hard to give up on.

What sets you apart as an act?

C: The fact that we are MCs definitely makes our live show a lot different. It also makes the music stand out a lot more having original vocals in there and not relying on a Biggie vocal sample or something. We toured for years as rappers so we still approach the live sets like a “show” or performance like we did back then. It’s got to be hype.

L: We feed off each other’s energy onstage.

Which direction do you want to take over the next year? Any plans you can share with us?

C: I really hope we can work even more of the emceeing into the music. I want to bring what we’re doing to a much bigger platform. I’m excited about this shit right now.

L: Yeah, we’re only seeing it start to grow now. It’s potential. I want to feed the fire with more music, more shows, more ideas. For me, it is an exciting time to be alive.

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