Herobust has been tearing it up behind the decks and in the studio. He just came off of a massive performance at the iconic Electric Zoo Festival in New York City, and is gearing up for a world tour following the release of his new single “WTF.”

The track is one of his most prominent displays of production talent yet with tough vocals, a dubstep-inspired drop and the Herobust flair we have come to know and love. We chat with the Atlanta-based producer about performing in his previous digs of New York, his upcoming tour and more.

Hey there! Thanks for chatting with us today. You’re fresh off of an incredible Electric
Zoo performance. How does it feel playing to a massive crowd in your previous stomping grounds?

It was really nice. I lived in NY for 3 years and I got to know a lot of great people there. To come back and do it big felt great.

Your newest single, “WTF,” is one of your most impressive productions yet, which is hard
to believe considering most of the sounds in the track were made from a recording of the phrase ‘WTF.’ What would you say contributed most to your astronomically growing talents in sound design?

I always want to make something I’ve never heard before, and I always love seeing how much I can expand on a simple idea. I feel like this track puts these two ideas together in a way that I’m super proud of. I also like the idea of this being like, a reaction people have to hearing dubstep and bass music. Like the first time you ever heard a gnarly drop, you’re like, “What the Fuuuuuu?!” and I think that’s something that everyone in EDM is chasing the feeling of, something completely new and wild!

Can we expect to hear any remixes of “WTF?” If so, any hints as to who may offer their own twist on the single?

I think that is definitely something to anticipate, but it wouldn’t be WTF if I just said who was gonna bring their sounds to the track. I will say that I’m bringing on people who I think are not your average remixers. These are gonna be some off the wall takes on this track!

The single will be featured on an upcoming EP that you’ve been cooking up, titled Not Your Average EP. Can you tell us more about some of the other tracks we’ll be hearing on it?

I can tell you that whatever you’re expecting, be prepared to be surprised and also hyped for. Its gonna be some shit that you’re gonna want to jam to, pump iron to, headbang to, and go wild to. I like to keep everything close until I release, but its gonna be some stuff that no one is gonna wanna miss!

It seems like you’ve been heavily experimenting with your sound, which continues to retain the original Herobust touch. Who or what has been influencing you as of late?

Well, like you said, I’ve maintained a “Herobust touch” and that’s really important to me. So I’m actually really careful about influence and inspiration. When I’m working on an album or an EP I try to stay off SoundCloud and really isolate myself. I know what’s going on, and I try to stay relevant, but never at the expense of losing my sound.

You’re about to head off on a world tour in support of the new single, which includes stops across the US, Germany, Australia and more. Which city are you most excited for and why?

I don’t think it would be fair to say that I’m more excited for any one city over another. I’m excited for the whole run! Every show is unique and every country brings a different type of energy, and I live to feel the electricity that these people bring to these shows!

Finally, let’s play a game called Not Your Average Herobust. Can you give us three fun
facts about you that your fans might not know?

I’ve kind of become a chess nerd. If you see me on my phone in the club, I’m probably playing chess. Trust me, you don’t want these hands.

I’m still with my highschool sweetheart and we actually just got married this year. Shouts out gangstabride.

I grew up eating Kraft macaroni and cheese like three times a day. Flinstone vitamins probably saved my life…

Download/stream “WTF” here and grab tickets to his upcoming tour now.

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