Winterpeg composer Vincent and Swedish-Londoner vocalist Ayelle revealed their future bass/alternative R&B banger “We Could” via independent record label PRMD.

Vincent unofficially flipped The Chainsmokers’ song “Paris” in February 2017, garnering 7.15 million SoundCloud plays. In his spare time, Vincent’s Robert Hughes relishes snarfing down burgers as well as honing his bilingual (French/English) skills. Hughes’ punchy percussion paired with Ayelle’s airy vocal slices are bait, reeling in listeners and never letting them go. “We Could” addresses a common theme: romance versus regret. Despite Vincent’s effervescent sound, Ayelle pensively purrs “I don’t wanna hold you back/And you won’t want to hold me/If you ever get to know me/I’ll never be the one you need.” 

Download Vincent’s “We Could” (feat. Ayelle) here.

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