He has just released an explosive collection of tracks on Quality Goods Records, and it’s little surprise that the hype surrounding Krischvn keeps growing. We are fortunate to have had a catch-up with the young talent about the Plumbum EP and more in our exclusive interview.

Hey! To kick things off, can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you currently based?

My name is Krischan and I’m based in Germany in a city called Kassel. I am 20 years young and just trying to make the most out of my life. I have just recently moved to the city I live in now because of my job, but also wanted to have the freedom of producing and making music as loud as I want.

How long have you been making music for?

The first time I got FL Studio was at the age of 15 as a gift. I never heard of FL Studio or different DAWs before, so it really just was exciting for me to try it out. The first 2 years I tried many things, made a lot of shitty beats and countlessly watched YouTube tutorials to get better. It was not until I was 18 when I really started to try my hardest and it finally felt comfortable to release my music.

What/who/where inspires you the most creatively?

There is no single person or place that inspires me. As a kid, I was often told I was creative. It pushes me and I felt like I need something to do with it in my life. Music has always excited me, even as a little kid. I like all genres of music, and enjoy listening to all music. You can find me listening to anything from metal to unknown speedcore/hardstyle artists, or big room house DJs to Kings of Leon and Bloodhound Gang. I was inspired by music itself, and having the infinite possibilities of the creativity run free to make anything I enjoy.

Of course, there are so many artists I look up to and am thankful for now. The best time I have producing is after stepping away for a while to enjoy life and come back with a free headspace. It comes out of my heart and head after listening, seeing and realizing life.

What are your favourite parts about being an artist? If you could change one thing about it, what would it be?

In the simplest terms: to give people the opportunity of partying or feeling good to my music and hearing how much people enjoy my music or how it makes them feel. If I could change one thing, it would be the waiting game of putting out music. Sometimes it is frustrating, but I know it is always best, in the end, to have a plan when releasing. Never feel like you have to wait, but always make sure there is a purpose to putting out music.

Your new EP, Plumbum, is killing it on Quality Goods! How long did it take you to create?

Thanks so much! Also, let me take a second to thank everyone who has supported, purchased, listened or wrote me about the EP! Much love to all! The EP itself was about a year of finalizing. If I were to put all the days together of actually producing, maybe 2 weeks. Haha!

What would you say your favourite track on it is and why?

I’m definitely really proud of “Overdose.” I like the whole concept of the track: bass house and trap play together well. If someone doesn’t like the first drop, then there is a second drop for them to enjoy. It was fun to make it and I’m satisfied with the track.

What did you learn from the creative process?

Much about myself and how and why I do things. Every time I work on music I learn new things and ways to get something done. There isn’t just one way to do it. There are unlimited ways to get creative.

What sets you apart as an artist?

You can always expect something new to come from me. I just want to be a breath of fresh air in the scene and give people a chance to hear about me. I am curious to see what the next things will be in the future, and hope one day I can make a living as an artist instead of working/going to school. In the end, I am aware of my strength and I want to use it to help everyone I cross paths with. We are all in this together and I just want to be the best I can be.

Which direction do you want to take over the next year? Any plans you can share with us?

I don’t want to spoil too much, but there will come really big things I believe. At the moment, I’m sitting on so much unreleased music and no one is ready for what I have. Recently, I made a good group of friends called the “Nut Gang” and they help push me and motivate me to the fullest.

Compared to what has already been released, the new stuff that will come is on a completely different level. I cannot wait to share all my music and show people what I have created. I’m super excited for the next year and what will happen next! I do not want to seem too boastful, but I would definitely say I am someone to keep an eye on – and hope to prove everyone right.

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