In a unanimous vote, city commissioners voted to kick out Ultra Music Festival from Bayfront Park. Commissioner Joe Carollo led the front to end the contract with the electronic music festival. His belief was that Ultra caused too much noise and chaos for downtown residents. 

Ultra has left a mighty footprint in Bayfront Park. They moved to Bayfront Park from Miami Beach in 2001. Ultra then switched to Bicentennial Park in 2005 but moved back to Bayfront Park in 2011 where they have stayed ever since. 

There is a chance that commissioners might make a short-term deal. This would allow Ultra to have a one-year contract at Bayfront Park and allow for more time to come up with a resolution or find a new venue space. 

However, this could be a long shot. When Ray Martinez, the spokesperson for Ultra, asked the commission to defer the vote, Carollo responded: “What you are trying to do is take away the decision from the [Bayfront Park Management Trust] and get the deal you want and leave the Downtown Neighbors Alliance [DNA] out in the cold.” The commissioner then went on to accuse fellow city commissioner, Ken Russell, of working together with Ultra to undermine him.

It is clear Carollo had no intention of extending the contract or working out a deal. This is despite the fact that he was to draft a resolution and work with both parties to make sure everyone was heard. 

Ultra has yet to release a statement as to where Ultra 2019 will be. 

(Miami New Times)