Jackal has long since been a wizard of production, implementing new sounds and colliding them with those that you wouldn’t think belong. However, his interesting and unique take on trap, along with incredible vocals, is constantly creating a sound that is incredibly enticing. His transcendence of boundaries within the electronic industry makes him one of the most iconic upcoming producers out there. The Los Angeles-based producer’s newest single, “Don’t Look At Me I Am A Monster,” is no different.

This track starts out with a drum-oriented bass that sets the song up perfectly for its trap-like sound that can only be described as all-encompassing. As the song continues, the track evolves and eventually amplifies its bass and tone, creating an exciting, hyped-up sound. Throughout the song, the tempos switch up, build up and create a track that tells the listener a story.

Jackal said, “’Don’t Come Near Me I Am A Monster’ comes from a place of regretting something I said. And how the power of my words can affect people. I wanted to contrast something small and approachable with a drop section that was mean and unapproachable.”

His transcendence of boundaries and ability to convey so much in a four-minute track is impressive. Check out this new track here and see for yourself the incredible style and poise that Jackal has to offer.

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