G Jones has been at the forefront of left-of-center bass music for many years. His productions, performances, and attention to detail are constantly being applauded, and his fan base has continued to grow and adapt at a hypersonic rate.

With his recent releases and a full-length album on the horizon, fans are becoming quick to realize that G Jones has been working towards the most profound stages of his project to date. Following the release of six-minute single “Time,” Jones gives us the final teaser of his debut LP, The Ineffable Truth.

“’That Look In Your Eye’ is one of the last songs I wrote for The Ineffable Truth and also one of my personal favorites on the album. I want to give a special shout to my friend Victor Mosquera who created the beautiful art for the single as well as the animated video assets for the live show,” said G Jones.

With complex layers of ambient production, quick-paced drums, and computer-generated vocal leads, “That Look In Your Eye” quickly becomes a single that needs to be listened to multiple times through and dissected. With raw, emotional and cinematic themes displayed through the duration of the track, G Jones transcends between his roles of songwriter and electronic music producer.

Jones’ recent work solidifies the high praise he has received from names like DJ Shadow, who calls Jones “the most gifted Ableton beatmaker I’ve ever seen,” and Aphex Twin, who played Jones’ music during at least two of his rare live performances last year. Publications like Rolling Stone labeling him a “studio wizard” and Billboard providing endless praise for the project are right on the money.

G Jones embarks on Phase 1 of The Ineffable Truth A/V tour in November. Phase 2 show dates will be announced on October 8. Find tickets and more information here.

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