On Saturday morning, Siberia’s former dentist, and now DJ/founder of TRIP and Galaxiid Records, Nina Kraviz, graced Miami with a seven-hour set at the legendary Club Space. It should be well known by now that when you combine Nina’s love for techno and acid house with Club Space’s philosophy of time and lust for sound, the results are outstanding. The show started at 11PM on Friday and went well into the afternoon on Saturday. The club hosted three separate shows in each of their sub-venues inside the compound. This included a very special live set by The Field that was opened by III Points cofounder and Club Space co-owner, David Sinopoli

Up on the terrace, Andres Lane opened for Kraviz, playing a lengthy set of deep house and techno that kept the crowd in a hypnotic daze for the hours to come. Sound from the brand new D&B speakers rained down on the disco balls and plants that decorated the entire upstairs. The blend of earthy green leaves juxtaposed the flashing dark yellow beams of light from the Elation light fixtures. Andres had also just come back to Miami from a trip to Ibiza; determination at its finest. The techno tsarina took the decks around 6:30 a.m. The sun was slowly creeping in amongst the crowd of bohemians, weekend warriors, and avant-gardeners who were all awaiting Nina to make her return to Miami after 10 months. 

There was no need to warm up. Nina took the crowd straight through a wormhole of fast, noisy techno as she played a hybrid set, alternating from vinyl records to CDJs. Her TRIP original pieces like “Let’s Do It” made their rounds while promos were sprinkled throughout the entire set. It is still a bit taboo if a techno DJ deviates and plays something that isn’t techno. Nina Kraviz puts this ideal through a wood chipper. The days of Diocletian divides in electronic music are over. A DJ should be able to take the set wherever they want. Nina has been vocal about this for some time. This is what makes her such a pivotal part in the underground sound. She took the set from techno to tech house, trance, and vapors of melodic, all while fluctuating around 133 BPM. The Space terrace is one for artistic creativity. There is something there that other venues can’t quite put their finger on. Maybe it’s the early morning empanadas they hand out or the decorum of plants. But there is something more that gives it an underlying power of creativity. What that is isn’t important. However, it enables acts like Nina Kraviz to do something special, which is why the show went on for nearly 14 hours. 

The crowd picked up everything the TRIP label boss lied down whether it was a cryptic techno track or DJ Slugo’s “Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Ho Too?” They were completely evoked in the power of rhythm. Nina proves to be something more than just a DJ. Her philosophies on music, love, and life itself, are what sets the paradigm of electronic music to a higher level. Aside from all the existential factors I listed, Nina’s sets are just fun. There aren’t many DJs that can cater to everyone’s individual preferences but Nina comes pretty close. It would be ridiculous to call her a “great female DJ.” That antiquated notion has to go. Nina Kraviz is simply a great DJ, producer and label owner. The crowds love her and she loves the crowds. She dances and engages but is dogged and focused at all times. A cigarette in one hand and a vinyl record in the other.