K?D released his anticipated Find Paradise EP this past week under Alt:Vision/Casablanca Records/Republic Records. In 2016, K?D crashed into the scene of electronic music and briskly gained popularity. You’ll catch glimpses of his malevolent vibes and in contrast, lighter sounds that resemble euphoria. His new EP, Find Paradise, is the perfect exhibition of the mix of light and darkness.

His new tracklist includes:
“Electronic Memories” ft. Mickey Kojak
“Creator’s Flower”
“Polluted Blood”
“Find Paradise”
“Destroy The Universe”

Listen to Find Paradise here, and be sure to catch K?D on his own headlining tour across the U.S., Australia, and Canada.

K?D, otherwise known as Patrick Cybulski, really knows how to aim high! He started from being a fan and attending his first festival in 2016, to rising to stardom two years later. This young genius began putting out remixes of Steve James and Daft Punk and then exploded above and beyond with his own creations. K?D constructs these fascinating castles of sounds by incorporating future bass, hardstyle, drum and bass, and much, much more. A good audial contrast to listen to is a dreamscape like “Somewhere Far Away” versus a phantasmic tune such as “Mortem.” K?D also has a highly dedicated fan base. His devotees actually helped him sell out 75 percent of his first headline tour! It’s hard not to love an artist that has different creative mediums too. K?D not only designs his music, but his merchandise, shows and more. As we anxiously await what is next from this prodigy, we can certainly be patient and fulfilled with the release of Find Paradise.


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