Canadian producer thook has been churning out experimental bass goodness for several years and he is now making his well-deserved Quality Goods Records EP debut.

The Toronto native’s “menace to society” was a standout track of 2017 and he has continued to share his diverse influences through regularly released singles on labels like Saturate Records, Jadū Dala and Daruma. He follows up a collaboration with TYNAN with his Natural Instincts EP on Quality Goods Records featuring five brand new singles, including a joint track with label boss UZ himself.

Closing track “Tornado” is a surge of wonky drum patterns and metallic synths along with panned layers of percussive fills and sub drops. The final result has the signature thook bounce with a little extra sauce. As a whole, the Natural Instincts EP is a brilliant display of thook’s uncompromising creativity and swag.

Stream “Tornado” below and stream the full drop here.

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