Slow Hours is back! After somewhat of a recess, the French super troop returns with their new single “Endless.”

You’re going to need to sit down for this one.

They have composed a total electronic symphonic masterpiece, which was a result of massive amounts of time and dedication spent on the track. The complexity and attention to detail are extensively thought out, especially handling the delicate balance between string instruments and electronic production. The rise and fall really plucks at your heartstrings and is sought to leave you eerily nostalgic.

Stream “Endless” here, and take a look below at what Slow Hours has said about their new release.

“We started working on this song almost two years ago, just before our remixes for What So Not and Petit Biscuit came out. When they released, we didn’t know what to expect. We were humbled by all of the support straight away and knew we wanted to write originals that are deeply meaningful to us. It has taken longer than we first thought, and we’ve often found ourselves lost in a never-ending circle. We saw our friendship move towards a dark place as a result of working together on the originals – we were arguing and everybody was stressed out. For a lot of this past summer, we were divided amongst ourselves and unsure if there would ever be any finished music to show. In August, we all went to a house far in the south of France – we were able to bring our friendship back to where it used to be, and ‘Endless’ was finally born.”

– Slow Hours

Slow Hours is made up of six different producers – Rusty Hook, Lain, Kultur, Kidswaste, Astre, and Khamsin. This group isn’t shy to making remixes either! In 2017, they produced some visionary remixes of What So Not and Petit Biscuit, which altogether stockpiled over 12 million streams. During their hiatus, they dug deep into their personal relationships with each other and the direction they were headed for their own unique sound. We’re ecstatic to have them back and can’t wait to see what’s in store from this batch of musical masterminds.


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