Sullivan King delivered a new electronic rock single “I’ll Fight Back” this week via Monstercat.

With his firm vocals, heavy drops, insane rock driven modulations and growling slings of guitar, it’s hard not to agree that this is a total headbanger. Sullivan King has scaled to a whole new playing field and is slaying the electronic rock music game. After releasing his newest EP, Come One, Come All, only months ago, it’s revitalizing to see this artist creating so vigorously.

Sullivan has certainly had some crazy collaborations with Bear Grillz, Kill the Noise and even Excision. As this musician slaughters his way through new creations, we patiently await his next project while stretching and resting our neck muscles. Be sure to catch him on his international tour this fall and mosh to his manic rock and electronic music collaborations live.


Stream/Download “I’ll Fight Back” here:

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