Brooklyn bass music phenom Space Jesus never fails to amaze with his trippy, experimental beats. This week, he’s teamed up with Circus Records’ resident bass master Conrank to bring us their new track “Meatball Parm,” and it is absolutely delicious. (Okay, I’ll go home.)

As per usual, this track delivers all the grimy, face-melting power a person could handle and then some. The classic spacey wobbles of Space Jesus and the heavy, dubstep bass stylings of Conrank combine in the best way, and the “What is Beef?” voice sample gives the whole thing a very lighthearted feel. This song packs a huge punch but is also incredibly fun, and this embodies everything I love about bass music.

“Meatball Parm” is available on all platforms from Circus Records here, and you can stream the whole track right now on Soundcloud below:

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