As 2018 begins to cool off and slow down, so do many of our newest electronic releases, but in the best way possible. Dyrisk’s newest single “Whispers” brings together soul and electronic in a way that is unmatched in the EDM world. The up-and-coming Norwegian songwriter, producer and performer provides listeners with a mellow and soulful yet still upbeat track that will transform the life of any regular playlist.

The track starts out as an emotional lyrical ballad and eventually transforms into a catchy background beat and chorus that combines each sound of the different beats, voice and vibes altogether. This whirlwind creates a harmonious and intense track that although powerful in nature, still resonates chill vibes throughout the track. This track is particularly unique because of the resounding deepness and emotional play in the lyrics and the vocals. With tempo changes throughout, and surprising sounds like background piano, “Whispers” is a track for the ages and one that is bound to put Dyrisk on the map more so than he already is.

Listen to the track here and see why Dyrisk’s unique and sophisticated take on electronic is ready to make waves in the EDM world and is bound to make a spectacular addition to your music library this fall.

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