REZZ fans, hold on to your water, because your Space Mom has just dropped quite the treat.

The space bass queen has finally released her new Halloween-themed mixtape “Nightmare on Rezz Street” accompanied by a unique visual piece, certifying this project as what REZZ calls “a full audio & visual experience.”

The tape contains 13 unreleased ID’s, which according to REZZ, won’t be released officially as singles outside of this one-time exclusive mix. The 32-minute mix will be sure to please long-time fans, with her characteristically dark and wobbly bass stylings, interspersed with sample dialogue from some of your favorite classic horror films. REZZ delivers a one-of-a-kind experience taking listeners on an epic journey to ~spooky~ town and telling a story through just her masterful productions.

The DJ/producer’s added visual in conjunction with the album is equally is as trippy and enthralling. Opening with an animated rendition of REZZ walking through a forest fire and approaching a glowing orb that releases fiery strands of DNA and fire tornados, the video evolves into an amalgamation of warped clips from old horror films, creepy visuals of ghosts and demons, and more shots of the beautifully animated REZZ being the space goddess that she is. It all culminates in a final montage of live footage of the DJ’s various shows, a fitting finale for this beautiful project and a sequence that will make any hardcore stan shed a tear. 

All of this proves REZZ to be a major creative force in the bass world, and it’s amazing to see her grow and evolve as an artist and to see her gain the respect she deserves from the community.

Stream the entire mixtape on SoundCloud and watch the visual below: 

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