Tulsa home towner and dark trap creator TYNAN (pronounced “tie-nin”) dropped his five-track extended play titled Pandora’s Box, featuring collaborations with fellow producers Kompany and Wooli, through SKisM’s Never Say Die Records.  TYNAN’s Kevin Hickey popped up on official Spotify playlists like Friday Cratediggers, Shuffle Syndrome, Dance Rising, Bass Arcade and Electro Workout. Hickey’s hype scraped together over 200,000 monthly listeners as well as releasing music on 20+ record labels, including Dim Mak, Quality Goods, Kannibalen and WAKAAN. Bewitched by his October 31 Deadbeats’ ditty with 1788-LA B Y S S,” my curiosity got the best of me.

What inspired Pandora’s Box?

Oh boy, there’s too many to list. I’m always inspired by what my peers and producer buddies are doing and how far they push things; it always makes me want to push it further. That’s where these tracks came from.

Which artist absolutely slayed Subsonix’s Halloween Bangover?

Well me, duh. Kompany killed as always. I didn’t get to see much of Eazybaked, sadly, but I heard it was nuts. Of course, one of my best friends and sound design teacher, GUILT CHIP, set the perfect one for the night. All around, it was one of my favorite nights this year.

Delineate “dark trap.” Also, were you aware that the Tynan surname comes from an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name “O Teimhneain,” which is derived from the word “teimhean,” meaning “dark?”

Yes, I did! My dad said that when I was born, I came out with oddly dark skin. That’s how he landed on the name Tynan, for my middle name. Years later, I was looking up the meaning, saw that and was immediately sold on it as my name.

On a scale of 1 to 10 Wuki smiley faces, how juiced up is TYNAN for Brownies & Lemonade presents WUKILEAKS LA?

1 or 10—whichever is higher—you didn’t specify.

Where was “A B Y S S” conceived?

I’ve been buds with 1788-L for a while. I still remember him showing me the first few songs of the project. I had always wanted to make a song with him, in his style, because I felt like it would be something special. We both had strengths that I felt complemented each other, and I think it really shows in the final product. Once we both had free time, we knocked out the track in a few weeks.

Why’s The Sooner State [Oklahoma] an exceedingly overlooked avenue for bass music?

I think it’s still relatively small. We’re growing, definitely, but it’s still small. There are also a lot of great producers in the state either coming up and still defining their sound with a lot of upsides or making waves in other areas of dance music. It’ll just take time; there’s a lot of great stuff bubbling under in Oklahoma.

Where can I score an “Origin” skateboard deck?

I believe this is something Bite This! is definitely working on, so hopefully soon. You’ll have to ask them. Last I heard, it was still in the works. I really hope it is!

When were you notified that TYNAN would be featured multiple times in Boombox Cartel‘s DDLM III Mix?

I just kind of figured they’d use a few to be honest, since I had been playing shows supporting them—definitely not surprised they used the tracks they did. The way they mixed in my upcoming “Pressure” remix, whew.

Which Pandora’s Box extended play number exceeded SKisM’s expectations?

I’m gonna remain naive and say all of them.

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