Miami maestro and Maracaibo, Venezuela refugee Felmax freed his Oracle Music Group release “Sixth Path” prior to touring with metal musicians Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch. His consequential collaborative CV consists of Boogie T, graves, Max Styler, TYNAN, Sam Lamar and PURGE as well as ATLiens. Felmax’s Daniel Mora has received recognition from industry influencers including Illenium, REZZ, KrewellaBorgore, LSDREAM (formerly Brillz) and Ekali. Drunk on death growls along with cloak and dagger dubstep, Daniel’s “Sixth Path” breathes new life into this saturated subgenre. “I usually try to not post shit like this, but, holy fuck, I am so excited for everything coming up,” posted Mora. Yeah, well, so are we.

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