The worlds of esports and electronic music are merging. In June, EDM artists including, Marshmello and Drezo, participated the Fortnite Pro-Am at E3. This weekend, Zedd is joining New York Excelsior (or ‘NYXL’), New York’s first professional esports franchise, as an honorary team member of the Overwatch League team. And now, we can expect a full album from Fortnite superstar streamer Tyler ”Ninja” Blevins because of the collision of these two realms.

Blevins premiered the first three tracks of his upcoming “soundtrack to gaming,” Ninjawerks, last night during a stream. Alesso, Tycho and 3LAU unveil their unique takes on gaming music. The big room dynamo Alesso takes an interesting turn and showcases elements from the tech-house wave with the release “Tilted Towers.” Tycho’s “Jetty,” on the other hand, dives deep and delivers deep grooves for your earbuds. 3LAU paints a dark soundscape with eerie basslines in his glitch-ridden track “Game Time.”

Blevins partners with Universal Music Group subsidiary EDM-specific label Astralwerks on this album. On December 2nd, they will be hosting a launch party to celebrate the release of Ninjawerks at the Capitol Records Lot in Hollywood. A release series of additional merchandise for Fortnite fans will also be released in support of this album.