The queen of moody dark-pop is back with her new EP, Ashes. Mothica‘s release is chock-full of energetic tunes like a catchy Western-esque track called “Crossfire,”  and in contrast, a bright and well-rounded track called “Cheap Tricks.” My personal favorite is the melodious ballad “By Now…” which features lower vocals and syncopated–almost arrhythmic–beats accompanying the lyrics “I’m sorry I wasn’t gold enough / Shiny for you / With all my edges rough / Bound to lose” which hit all too close to home.

Mothica also released a music video for “Crossfire” earlier this month which features the artist skating through not only this world, but some sort of unique alternate dimension of feelings and reality. This track touches on being self -destructive in wanting someone who could potentially hurt you. Is it worth burning out over? Watch her skate through a sea of hands and fate below.

You can also check out an entire sample pack that Mothica has released on Splice including 143 different sounds that she used to create Ashes. The self-made creative literally burned equipment to get some of these unique sounds and effects.

Take a listen to Ashes here and catch Mothica’s stellar performances live. You will surely not be disappointed!

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Friday, Nov 30th – Adelaide Hall – Toronto, Canada
Sunday, Dec 2nd – The Roxy Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, Dec 5th – The Chop Shop & 1st Ward – Chicago, IL
Thursday, Dec 6th – Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, Canada

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