Dubstep newcomer L.U.X has been making a big wave in the scene as of late, with earth-shattering bangers such as “Silence” and “Diablo,” appearing on Never Say Die Black Label’s Black Friday compilations and receiving major praise.

His newest EP, Death Grip, excites me to no end. The title track explodes out of the gate with a dark, ominous opening and a drop that is defined by a terrifying vocal sample into a pitched-up synth line accompanied by heavy, booming bass. “Creator” has a mind of its own with a drop that redefines the term “growling bass.” On “Cosmic,” L.U.X is joined by fellow NSD artist SampliFire, combining to create a track that punches you in the face and never relents, whereas “Terrawat” shows off L.U.X’s more melodic side before delivering yet another headbanging drop.

The bass community has been delivering some of the most exciting new material in the EDM scene, and this EP bodes well for the future of the genre. This young producer is on his way to the top. Expect to hear these tracks weaved into some of the heaviest sets this year and try not to lose your head in the process. Stream/buy Death Grip here.

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