SLUMBERJACK and TroyBoi have been making waves in 2018. Earlier this year, SLUMBERJACK embarked on their Australian national tour, which ended up being sold out entirely. In October, they dropped the track “Daggers” with Machine Age – the first single of their upcoming SARAWAK EP. TroyBoi has also been bringing vibes with his new EP, V!BEZ ,Vol. 2, and his V!BEZ Tour. Now, both of them return with their latest collaboration, “Solid,” arriving via Monstercat.

Just as the name suggests, this song is nothing but “Solid.” It combines SLUMBERJACK’s multifariously textured sound design with Troyboi’s notoriously dynamic rhythms. Kicking off with ghastly synth sounds, the opening quickly builds up the ominous vibes. “Solid” is a slow burner but it keeps the momentum going through the whole track with Troyboi’s signature eastern melody in the drops.  

In talking about the track, SLUMBERJACK notes:

“We’re going back to our SLUMBERJACK roots for Solid. We really took this track on a trip around the world, starting it in the USA on the cramped conditions of the tour bus and finishing it in China. Working with TroyBoi reminded us of the fun of keeping it simple and bouncy.” 

This is the second single from SLUMBERJACK’s upcoming SARAWAK EP. The natural beauty of duo member Morgan’s homeland of Sarawak in Borneo, Malaysia, is the inspiration for this EP. “Solid” certainly sets the bar high for the rest of this EP. Listen to the track right now because words simply don’t do it justice.

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