RL Grime has had an exceptionally successful year with the release of his most recent album, NOVA, this past summer. The album has touched so many music enthusiasts and other artists that the remixes that have sufficed are almost equally as impressive as the original compilations.

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As a result, RL Grime has just released Volume 1 of NOVA (The Remixes). With features from artists like Hex Cougar, MYRNE, Eptic, 1788-L, K?d, Said The Sky and several more, there is clearly an all-star lineup of producers that agree that NOVA is too good to leave alone.

With the “Volume 1” in the title of this remix album release, there is still anticipation for the second release coming this Friday. But until then, the 11 tracks that have reimagined RL Grime’s masterpiece are enough to satiate our grimy cravings.