There is no doubt that Chace is the current king of the Chinese dance scene. After all, he was the first mainland Chinese DJ to perform at the main stage of Tomorrowland. In April, his label partner Hugo unveiled debut releases via Tchami‘s CONFESSION label. This time, these two house mavens join forces on latest EP HOWSCHINA, arriving through their own label HOWSHOOD.

Straying away from Chace’s usual upbeat, melodic house sound, this EP rides the trendy tech house wave. The lead track “暗花(An Hua)” is a groovy piece. The pulsing basslines paired with dynamic beats get you in the mood for a night out. Following this minimal anthem, “Jersey Bebhouse” is tailor-made for the underground warehouse dance floor. In contrast, “Vienna” runs deep yet hypnotizes the listeners with its whimsical vocal samples in the drops. Last but not least,”Dation” wraps up the EP with an intricate take on the acid-influenced synth sounds from the complextro of yesteryear.

HOWSCHINA showcases these two producers’ versatility in production and conscious effort in bringing original house culture to China. Let us not forget that Chace is only 20 years old and Hugo just kicked off his producer career this year. So, back to the question, how’s China? As I was originally born and raised there, I could not be more proud to see these two prodigies helping put Chinese house music on the map.

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