The holidays are almost upon us, and it’s time to start shopping for gifts if you haven’t already. (But let’s be real, has anyone?) To help make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of 10 items we think will be perfect for the music lover in your life. We came up with, and tested, options for your hipster friend, your all-night-long friend, your DJ friend and more. From a record player that does everything to earplugs that are actually cool and more, there’s a little something for everyone.

Check it all out below and stay tuned to win some of our favorites!

1. For the hipster at heart:

Victrola’s The Empire

Victrola’s The Empire is more than just a record player. The 6-in-1 Vinyl Music Center is a must-have for any listener that wants more than one way to listen. This 3-speed turntable also has wireless Bluetooth connectivity, CD and cassette players, FM radio capabilities, an aux-in jack, headphone jack and built-in stereo speakers. While you won’t get out-of-this-world sound quality with this one like you would with a high-end Bluetooth speaker, it still works well and is perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful and functional centerpiece for their place. ($149)

2. For the frequent partygoer: 

Loop Earplugs

We get it; most earplugs are ugly AF. I, for one, would love to protect my ears on a regular basis but sometimes I’d rather forgo my ability to hear past a whisper in 10 years than deal with earplugs that fall out with every inch of movement. Luckily, Loop saw a need in the market and came in strong. Their earplugs, which come in many trendy colors, look like cool earrings that actually work as functioning earplugs. I wore these to a dubstep show at one of New York’s loudest venues and they didn’t fall out once, even through all of my headbanging. It can be a little difficult to hear someone next to you if they aren’t speaking up, but most people at loud venues talk at a level above their typical indoor voice anyways. These are a must-have for any friend that raves. ($29.95) 

3. For the pre-game partier:

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

If you know the phone-in-cup trick, then chances are you have been at a pregame without a speaker. There’s nothing worse than trying to get amped up for a show without a proper dose of music to hype you up. The brand new Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears is a stand-out amongst the competition. The BOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker is light, has fantastic sound, and is much more affordable than many of its counterparts. Its stunning colorways, carefully balanced sound and new Magic Button put you one touch away from your music. In just two weeks, I used this at work, in the shower, at pregames and more, and it delivered every time. You can’t go wrong with this one. ($129.99-$149.99)

4. For the Instagram Influencer:

Wildflower Case + Accessories

To be fair, this gift could be given to many people on your list, but an Instagram influencer would definitely appreciate it. As someone who has had an iPhone for almost a decade, I have had my fair share of shattered screens. I switched over to a Wildflower case, and I have been completely shatter-free. Aside from them being some of the best-looking cases on the market and having 50+ designs, they are insanely good at protecting your delicate screen (even when you drop it every five seconds like me). Plus, they also have an awesome alternative to Popsockets that I’ve been loving. Can’t decide on a design? Get one of the customizable options. The possibilities here are endless! ($35.00+)

Enter to win a Wildflower iPhone Case here.

5. For the iPhone Addict:

A PopSocket

If the Wildflower iPhone ring doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you could master the art of stocking stuffing with one of the many PopSocket designs. Once you have a nifty phone holder to keep you from dropping your phone, you’ll never go back … trust me. These handy little gadgets can be used to text with one hand, stand your phone up, wrap your earbuds around, attach it to your dashboard for road trips and much more. Plus, they come in tons of different styles, including a customizable one, so you can show off your style. ($10+)

6. For the Mega-Fan:

Electric Family Gift Card

There’s no better way to express your love for an artist than to showcase them on your body. With Electric Family, you can shop for signature artist bracelets while contributing to organizations of the artists’ choice, or grab exclusive merch from artists like Illenium, Kaskade and more. No matter who you’re shopping for, they’re sure to find something they’ll like on Electric Family. ($25+)

7. For the Aspiring Producer:

Ableton 10


This one is pricey, but you might win brownie points for getting possibly the best gift you can give. Ableton is a top-of-the-line DAW that is used by producers like deadmau5, Skrillex and more. If someone is just getting started, the intro version is a perfect way to introduce them to the world of music production. If they decide to stick with it, they can upgrade their license later on, so it’s basically the gift that keeps on giving. ($100+)

8. And For the aspiring DJ:

A Pioneer Controller 

What Ableton can do for aspiring producers, a Pioneer controller can do for aspiring DJs. It’s nearly impossible to learn how to DJ without physical gear, so gifting someone with a way to kickstart their DJing career can go a long way. Pioneer offers state-of-the-art equipment starting at pretty affordable prices compared to the competition. One of our favorites is the Rekordbox-compatible DDJ-400. ($240.00)

9. For the Seasoned Producer:

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

As the most pricey gift on this list, this is something to get someone you are really thankful for this holiday season. Omnisphere is an essential virtual instrument that completely transforms the production experience with over 14,000 sounds, and more ways to create original sounds than anyone could ask for. This is basically every producer’s dream. ($499.00)

10. For the Festival Frequenter:

Polaroid Camera

We all have a friend who seems to be at a different festival every other week. What better way to document their memories than with a Polaroid camera? The iconic brand has just released the OneStep 2 inspired by the original OneStep camera from the ’70s, so you know it will be a picture-perfect gift. Just don’t forget the film! ($99.99-$119.99)