RAMI hand-delivered his self-released, deep house hymn “How Did We Get Here.” Eid’s as much of an enigma as this track; after scouring the Internet, I made a fascinating discovery: RAMI might lack an artist Facebook page but has cultivated this cult-like Spotify following—700,000 monthly listeners and counting. Chill Nation‘s Trending Now curated picks plus official Spotify playlists, like Chill Hits, Electro Chill and Tropical Vibes, all featured RAMI’s body of work. Moved by the hypnotizing traditional Lebanese instruments (e.g., daf, lute) together with a lingering groove, “How Did We Get Here” grants its audience permission to get “a little lost” per RAMI’s bio.

“This past year, in Los Angeles, was an emotional rollercoaster for me—a year of isolation, being anti-social, a year of doubt, a year of confusion regarding my career as a young music producer and a year of a lot of hard work,” said RAMI. “In 2018, I’ve been constantly asking myself how I got to the high or low points I’ve experienced.”

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