Since around Thanksgiving, nearly everyone has been preparing for the holiday season, and Blaize is no exception. Following the release of his collaboration with Gawm, the artist delivers on a Christmas-themed take on Boombox Cartel’s “Dem Fraid.” Though one wouldn’t expect to hear the familiar melody of “Jingle Bells” featured in an aggressive hybrid-trap drop, the result will surely invoke headbanging from bassheads everywhere.

In an ever-evolving and highly competitive industry, Blaize is determined to set himself apart. The San Antonio native has received considerable notoriety for not only his aggressive signature sound but also for his ability to churn out releases at breakneck speed. The result is the collection of a daunting 500k streams (and counting) on SoundCloud, and the artist has no signs of slowing down.

Stream “Dem Fraid (Feat. Taranchyla) [Blaize Christmas Edit]” here.

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