Rapture Music Festival has filled a cease and desist letter against Ultra Music Festival regarding the Virginia Key Beach Park venue. The all began when Ultra was granted access to Virginia Key Beach Park after Downtown Miami commissioners voted the festival out of Bayfront Park in September. Ultra then offered $2 million to Miami to host the festival at Virginia Key. The only issue with this is that Ultra booked the festival during the same date and location as Rapture.

In addition, Rapture states that the city and festival had a mutual understanding that Rapture could stay in Virginia Key for the next three years. Rapture’s attorney, Paul K. Silverberg stated: “We are investigating this matter further and if [you] do not immediately withdraw your application that directly interferes with our client’s planned festival time and location, we will be taking immediate action against you, the City and Virginia Key Beach Park Trust.”

The Cease and Desist letter was filed by Rapture’s attorney who told Ultra to either stop applying for permits or risk litigation. Ultra is currently in the stages of submitting environmental reports regarding shuttle attendees and how they plan to keep festivalgoers away from protected wetlands. Ultra will also be applying for permits to build a temporary dock for the festival. 

This story is still in its infancy, but it may get nasty. This is truly a David versus Goliath story. 

(Resident Advisor)